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Monkton Park Sports

The Golden Mile

What a fantastic Olympics Team GB had this Summer and we are keen to build on this and continue to focus on ensuring Monkton Park pupils are happy, healthy and active. Therefore we are delighted to announce that our school will be participating in an exercise initiative called The Golden Mile.

The Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable health initiative aiming to inspire and encourage the school community through physical activity with the focus on fun and rewarding personal achievement.

Every pupil can choose to run, jog, or simply walk whilst travelling around the Golden Mile track either during school hours or as part of a break time activity.

We’ve challenged the pupils to complete a total of 50 golden miles by the end of the year.

Certificates for 10 Miles (Bronze), 25 Miles (Silver) and 50 Miles (Gold) are awarded to children as they progress.

This is a fantastically simple scheme, which has many endorsements by university studies, teachers, parents and pupils themselves!

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