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Monkton Park Sports

Badminton Festival

Our badminton festival was held by North Wilts Badminton Project and the Racket Pack. 


We were greeted by our badminton coach Ben, who took us to get our Racket Pack T-shirts.  Monkton Park spilt into two groups, team 1 and team 2.  We played ten mini games including Backhand Push Ups, Catch the Birdie and Egg Baskets.
Back hand Push Ups is a game where you have balloon and a racket you have to keep the balloon in the air using your backhand grip.  Catch the Birdy helps you learn how to throw a shuttlecock.  To play Egg Baskets, my favourite game, you have to walk up to a spot then lunge and tip your racket so the shuttlecock falls onto the cone.  We managed to get 18 points.

To anyone who wants to try badminton, it may be hard at first but it will become great fun.


Monkton Park School, Sadlers Mead, Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 3PN
01249 652395