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Real Leaders

On the 15th of October we had a whole day of training to be young leaders.

It was just an ordinary day when Miss Collyer told us that we are going to be doing P.E with Mrs Porter to train to be young leaders. After we got changed into our P.E kits, we went to the computer suite and sat down and talked about what we are doing today. After that, we got booklets that had activities to do in. Next, we went down to the hall and got into groups of 6 and got these cards which we had to put in a pyramid the most important part of P.E (the top being the most important and the bottom being the least important). Once we finished that, we got in 3 groups and we all had a game to demonstrate to the rest of the class and get to play each others games which was really fun. Finally we got into our real groups for the real leaders and choose which activity we want to do with the year 2’s. We had the afternoon to prepare and decide if we want to change anything so that we can know what we are doing for the next day.



In the morning, we arrived as if it were a normal day. We were then told we were going to do a one day course learning to become a Real Leader with Mrs Porter. After getting changed into our P.E kit, all of our class (yr6’s) went down to the ICT suit to get started on our course. We were given a booklet with all of the challenges and tasks we would have to complete. Mrs Porter sat us down and explained to us what we would do. Our first task was to fill in a self portrait of what we looked like. After that, we wrote three words that we thought described us as a person well. Walking calmly and quietly, we went down to the hall and got the benches out to sit on. Mrs Porter split us into groups of 6 and gave us laminated cards. The cards had words on the back that were key to becoming a Real Leader. Our challenge was to put the words on the cards into a pyramid order going from least important to most important. Funnily enough every group mostly had the same order of the importance of the words. Some of the words included ‘patience, communicate, perseverance’. We then got into our real groups and did our challenge. After that it was the end of the day. Real Leaders was really fun and we learnt multiple  skills.

by George and Imogen



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