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A day with Maz Evans

On Thursday 11th of October, Maz Evans came to Monkton Park Primary School to spend a day with the students in school.

First of all she presented an assembly. She made Mrs Douglas and Mr Rafferty play a synonym game. The game was Mallett’s mallet. For those of you who have seen the 1980`s show Wacaday, you will know what this is! If you don’t know what this is it is a word association game. If you hesitated or repeated a word you would get bonked on the head by a black, inflatable hammer. Mrs Douglas won two rounds and Mr Rafferty only won one.

After assembly, Maz held workshops with key stage two. The workshops were extremely fun! We did story stews which is where you choose a character, a place and a plot then mix it all together to make a story! We also wrote diary entries as Elliot, Mr Boil or Call me Graham. Then Maz talked about how when she wrote her books, she had to edit them lots of times before being able to publish them.

At 2:30pm Maz was in the hall where she was signing and selling some of her books. Lots of children bought books on the day and Maz signed them all, some children already had her books and she was delighted that so many Monkton Park pupils enjoyed her them.

In February 2019, Maz Evans is releasing the final book in her series: Against All Gods! Everyone is so excited!

We love Maz.

By Rosa Wallis and Jessica Crowe


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