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T-TRAK Club at The Calne Model Railway Show

The T-Trak Club represented the school at the 27th Calne Model Railway Show over the weekend of 19/20th January,

showcasing the children’s work alongside layouts built by veteran model makers. We were the only “hands-on” model railway at the show so our team of enthusiastic pupils and parents were busy all weekend helping children have fun driving our trains. Our trainee drivers learned about how many things train drivers must think about to drive the train safely, and all without getting distracted by other trains. Visitors praised the quality of the Club’s modules and asked many questions about how it was all put together. Parents and children from Chippenham and Calne primary schools said they were envious that only Monkton Park has a model railway club!

“T-TRAK” is a set of international rules for making modular model railway layouts so that everyone’s modules around the world can connect up to make bigger railways. There are 133 clubs and societies worldwide following the T-TRAK rules, but there are only two associated with schools: Monkton Park and an elementary school in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our T-TRAK Club is the only club listed in Great Britain, which makes us a little bit special. (There is a model railway society building T-TRAK modules in Northern Ireland so we aren’t only club in the UK, just!) The world record for a T-TRAK layout, set in Kansas City in 2018, saw 340 modules brought together from across the US and Canada (plus one from Denmark) to create a track 286m long. For comparison, our school layout has 20 modules and our track is about 15m long so we’ve got a way to go before we can bring the world record to Wiltshire! #awesomerailways

“The T-TRAK Club’s model railway was set up in the Activities Room at the Calne Model Railway Show.”




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