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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What do I need to do to become a FOMP?

A: Volunteer a bit of your time to do things you feel you are good at or are comfortable doing to support our events.

2. Q: Do I need to attend meetings all the time?

A: No you don't. We have 9 meetings a year. We alternate between evening and after school meetings. You can attend as many as you like or none at all.

3. Q: If I help with one event do I have to help with all of them?

A: No of course not. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

4. Q: Do I have to give any money towards the events?

A: No of course not. Just a bit of your time. Event expenses are covered.

5. Q: Why do you ask for more people?

A: Simple really, the more people we have the less work we all have to do! We also need new ideas.

6. Q: What do I need to do if I want to help out?

A: Just come and say hi at an event, come along to one of our meetings or drop us an email.

7. Q: Why do people get involved in FOMPS?

A: We do it to raise money to buy items that the school needs but its budget just will not stretch to. The purchases we make benefit all children and aim to enrich their learning and time at school.

8. Q: I’d like to know more but I don't know who to talk to?

A: You can pass a message to FOMPS via the school office or you can email us directly on Find us on Facebook and Twitter or look out for the FOMPS Hub at our next event. Your class teacher will also be able to put you in touch with one of us.

9. Q: I have no time to be at the events. How can I help?

A: Do what you can. Bake, buy cakes, donate bric-a-brac, take posters to work or just share our events on Facebook! Everything helps.

10. Q: Past FOMPS experience wasn't great. I was put off.

A: We are sorry for that, we are just volunteers trying our best. The committee is always changing so please give us another go.

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