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Our School


Our aim as governors is to work with the the Local Authority, the headteacher, all the parents, teachers and pupils to make and keep Monkton Park School a caring and positive place to learn and to enable all pupils to fulfil their potential.
Through the year all Governors have the opportunity to visit the school and participate in school life.
Have a look and see what we have been up to.
As Governors we welcome any comments or suggestions which will help us maintain and improve the school.

chair of governors


Dr Justine Guillon

 Co-chair of governors 


 Mr Sean Dennien 

 Co-chair of governors 

Ian S (2)

Mr Ian Sankey

Vice chair of governors  

staff governors

Steve Photo(1)

Mr Steve Rafferty

4-Jan 15

Mrs Jan Douglas 

Helen H(1)

Mrs Helen Hughes       

parent governors

Ian S (3)

Mr Ian Sankey


Mrs Jess Baldry

Chair of HR Committee


David Palmer(1)

Mr David Palmer

Chair of Finance and Premises


Dr Justine Guillon

Local Education Authority, Co-opted and Associate Governors

Barbara H

Mrs Barbara Hearne


Mr Jonathan Watts




Rev Rod Key 


Mr Sean Dennien

Chair of Curriculum &
 Attainment Committee

Associate Governor

21-SarahQ 15(1)

Mrs Sarah Quarrell


Term Core Group HR Finance & Premises Curriculum & Attainment Full Governors
1       Wednesday 11th October Thursday 28th September 
2   Pay Panel
Thursday 9th November
Monday 13th November Thursday  9th November Thursday 16th November
3     Monday 8th January  Tuesday 30th January Thursday 18th January
4     Monday 26th February Thursday 8th March  
5     Monday 23rd April Thursday 26th April Thursday 3th May
6     Monday 21st May Wednesday 11th July Thursday 21st  June


Monkton Park School, Sadlers Mead, Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 3PN
01249 652395