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Vision and values

'Grow and Learn Together' 

Our vision is to be the best school possible for our community, where children love to learn.

We’ll do this by putting our pupils at the heart of everything we do and investing in our staff, our curriculum and our school environment to offer the best possible primary school experience for our pupils.


Following this we revisited our values. These were values which we wanted to become an increasingly important part of our curriculum.


Community to us means a sense of belonging and a place that pupils, parents and staff are proud of.  We value friendship, teamwork and welcome all.

Adventure to us means that we try new things, take calculated risks and are never afraid to take on challenges.

Respect to us means taking responsibility for yourself and others, embracing diversity and thinking about our impact on the wider world.

Enjoyment to us means that we want all our pupils to look forward to coming to school every day. We believe in a positive attitude and making the most of opportunities in and outside of the classroom.

Success to us means achieving your own potential and supporting others to achieve theirs. We believe that anyone can achieve success by persevering and trying their best.


We believe that we can explore these values in three main ways:

By looking inwards we think about how we use the value ourselves.

By looking outwards we about how we use a value towards other people.

By looking beyond we think about our our impact on the wider world.

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