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What FOMPS have been buying?

What's Next? 

This year FOMPS are busy fundraising with the aim of helping the school to carry out some landscaping of the school field and Early Years play area. The school would love to create an area where children can make plays, perform and act outside and are hoping to build an amphitheatre to bring this idea to life. Children could use this at lunchtimes as well as in lessons and it would hopefully be a brilliant place for children to develop their performing skills and confidence. As well as this, the school also hopes to create a terrace in the Early Years area which would remove the slope. Here we would also incorporate raised beds to create a sensory garden and we very much hope children from across the school would be able to utilise this.

These are some ideas of what we could do:



Outdoor Classroom

Over the Christmas holidays Squirrel Designs put the finishing touches to the Outdoor Learning Classroom, including a storage box, guttering, water storage and a ramp access. The final stage will be putting in a woodchip barrier around the classroom and then watching as the surrounding wildflower meadow re-establishes itself. We are hoping to do a grand opening when the weather warms up a bit.

Fantastic Freebies!

Karcher donated 50 metres of hose pipe, a hose trolley, sprinkler and spray gun. This will allow the children to water the raised beds during the summer. Worth £150.00

Artisan Tool Hire (Bumpers Farm) have donated a Turf Cutter. This will allow us to prepare the ground ready for the Wild Flower Meadow. - Worth £75.00 

A kind donation of an Apple tree and a Plum tree. Worth £80.00

Morrisions Supermarket donated all of the Smarties for the Easter fundraising challenge. Worth £60.00


Outdoor Area Seating

Seating 2



How the MOney is spent

Latest Spend March 2017


Touch Screens for the Classrooms




New Playground Markings

Foundation Stage outdoor area

Story Tellers Chair


Weaving Flower 


Pirate Ship


Outdoor Art Equipment 


Play House


Busy Bench 



Book Corners for Fieldmice, Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Otters



StoryPhones & Microphones






Crackers for the Christmas Lunch




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