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How accessible is the learning environment?

Monkton Park is a single storey school, with all of our classrooms in the same building. Within the building itself, there are some short staircases (4-5 steps) leading from the main reception area down into the KS1 classrooms, and from outside the hall up to the KS2 classrooms.

Both the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds are accessible without having to negotiate either staircase and there are currently additional handrails attached to both sets of stairs.

We have a disabled parking space and a disabled toilet at the KS2 end of the school.

We have experience of adapting the learning environment for children with additional needs in a variety of ways. For example, we have installed Soundfield systems for our children with hearing impairments, adjusted PE equipment to ensure all children can take an active part in lessons and enlarged texts for children with significant visual impairments.

We are lucky to have several `quiet rooms’ which we use to work with individuals and small groups of children. Sometimes these rooms are used to reduce background noise and distractions for children who find the classroom environment difficult to work in. They are also used by visiting professionals for assessments and by the TAs running intervention groups.

We work closely with other professionals such as the Sensory Impairment Service to ensure that all reasonable adjustments are made to and that we have done all we can to make the learning environment as accessible as possible.


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