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Governors Meetings

2017-2018 Meeting Dates  


Core Group


Finance and Premises

Curriculum and Attainment

Full Governors

Governor day /

Special events in school

Term 1


October Pay panel

Pay policy to be reviewed and adopted at the beginning of the meeting.

Clerk is required to minute the meeting


Wednesday 11th October 6.30pm

Thursday 28th September 7.30


Term 2


Monday    November 7.30

Thursday   November

Thursday 16th November 7.30


Term 3


Monday  January 7.30

Tuesday    January 6.30

Thursday 18th January 7.30


Term 4


Monday    February 7.30

Wednesday    March

Thursday 8th March 7.30

Governor Day -

Term 5


Monday    April 7.30 pm

Thursday    April 6.30

Thursday 3th May 7.30


Term 6


Monday    May 7.30

Wednesday July 

Thursday 21nd June 7.30