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The Curriculum at Monkton Park


The New National Curriculum

At Monkton Park Primary School we follow the new National Curriculum. Its delivery is planned around a series of topics that maximise cross-curricular links whilst ensuring that there is a clear development in the learning of key skills and knowledge. We have personalised our curriculum to include three" curriculum drivers" that are important in preparing our children for life both in and beyond Monkton Park Primary School

The National Curriculum is available here

At Monkton Park School we have chosen to plan our curriculum using the Essentials Curriculum by Chris Quigley Ltd.

The only subjects that are planned separately are RE, PHSE and PE.

We follow the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus for RE using Discovery RE. We use the resource Values for Life to support the delivery of Collective Worship.

We also use Wiltshire's Learn for Life scheme to support the teaching of PHSE and the REAL PE scheme supports our teaching of Physical Education.

Our Curriculum Drivers

Our Curriculum Drivers are principles that we feel very strongly about as a school and they permeate all areas of the curriculum.

Citizenship and Community

  • To be kind and respectful
  • To make positive contributions to our local and wider community
  • To have knowledge of the world: its people and cultures
  • To be accepting of each other

Lifeskills and Enterprise

  • To be self-motivated and use initiative
  • To take responsibility
  • To persevere and be resilient when facing challenges
  • To have an enquiring mind
  • To be a team player
  • To be physically active and make healthy lifestyle choices
  • To have high aspirations and a desire to succeed
  • To solve problems
  • To be an effective communicator
  • To use new technology safely and effectively

Ambitions and Possibilities
Through curriculum enrichment provide opportunities to:-

  • participate in high quality PE and sport
  • work with artists and musicians and be inspired
  • visit areas of interest and deepen understanding of our heritage
  • experience theatre productions and live performances
  • identify different jobs and possibilities through topics, visits and visitors; role models for success

Curriculum Overview

Monkton Park School has grown in size over recent years admitting more pupils in our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. As a result we have introduced some mixed year group classes. In order that the children have access to a broad balanced curriculum that is tailored to their needs long term topic plans are planned over a two year period.

Our current year plans are available here.

Teachers' medium term Topic Plans are shared with parents and give more detail about how the curriculum will be delivered.

Each week Teachers produce detailed weekly plans that inform their day to day teaching.

The following documents give an overview for KS1 and KS2.

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