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Outdoor Learning

2017 -2018

Blackberry Picking

Tesco - Bags of Help

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We are delighted to let you know that, although we did not win the overal vote, we came in second place and have been awarded £2000. This money is going to be put towards outdoor learning.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us.

for further information about the scheme please see the Bags of Help website www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

2016 -2017

Tesco - Bags of Help

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We are delighted to let you know that our recent application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and our project will be put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores during May and June 2017.

Tesco have teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – all raised from the 5p bag levy – being awarded to local community projects. Three groups in every Tesco region have been shortlisted to receive the cash award and shoppers are being invited to head along to Tesco stores to vote for who they think should take away the top grant.

Monkton Park School is one of the lucky groups on the shortlist.

If we are successful, the grant will enable us to employ Wiltshire Wildlife Trust on a weekly basis to provide the children with quality outdoor learning activities and Forest School sessions.
Voting is open in stores throughout May and June. Customers can cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out in store each time they shop. The stores taking part are Chippenham Metro SN15 3JP, Foundry Lane Chippenham SN15 1JB, Frogwell Chippenham SN14 0JH, Pewsham Express SN15 3SY, Lyneham Express SN15 4PS and Calne Express SN11 9UT.

If you are shopping in Tesco and are given a token please vote for us.

for further information about the scheme please see the Bags of Help website www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

Tree Planting at Westmead

On Friday, 24th February, children from all Chippenham primary schools were invited to take part in a tree planting project on Westmead, Chippenham. Year 2 pupils from Otters' and Rabbits were chosen to represent Monkton Park at this event.  Pictures and a report from the event are available on the Gazette & Herald website.

Outdoors Day

It was great to see the whole school outdoors on Monday taking advantage of the favourable autumn weather. We held an ‘outdoor learning’ day, where we re-opened our school’s wildlife area, and all classes eagerly collected natural resources to make art, sculptures and even jewellery! A big thank you to all those who brought in materials for our ‘bug hotel.’  Below are some reports written by the children and photos from the day.

Magnificent Muddy Monday

On Monday the whole school went down to the wildlife area and Mr Slee talked to everyone in there.  It was quite muddy and it was a magnificent speech.  After that we collected lots and lots of leaves and sticks.  I really liked it.  Next we made gardens, book marks and bracelets.  To make the book marks we needed to have glue leaves on a piece of paper.  Finally we went back to the wildlife area.  Mr Slee and Mr Barlow both had a chat to all of the school.

By Katy

Magnificent Making Monday

On Monday the whole school squeezed into the outdoor area.  First we picked leaves and sticks to make the wigwam.  After that we made some bookmarks and some bracelets.  To make the book marks we needed leaves and glue with a little bit of paper.  To make the bracelets we needed a little wood and we needed metal.  Finally we went back to the Wildlife area.  Mr Barlow said a speech and then we went home.

By Nacho

Wonderful Woodland Weather

On Monday the whole school went outside to make things out of natural resources.  First we put our things in the bug hotel like sticks, leaves, hay, pine cones and slabs.  After that we made leaf garlands.  We threaded leaves onto string and we made bookmarks with leaves, it was so fun.  Next we made paper wreaths they looked beautiful.  Finally we made bracelets out of elder wood.  Then the whole school crammed into the outdoor area.  We thanked everyone for helping and we all went home.

By Matilda

Autumn Trails

Rabbits' and Otters' have been out and about around the Monkton Park estate looking at nature.  
Otters' class took a walk to collect blackberries, they brought them back to school and made delicious Blackberry Muffins and tried their hands at blackberry art.
Rabbits' class walked along the old railway line, they collected blackberries, twigs, leaves and snails shells.  When they returned to school they made nature pictures.

2015 -2016

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