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Badgers At Avebury

On Tuesday 24th September, Badgers’ Class went on an historical outing to the mystical Avebury stone circle.On arrival we walked from the car park (a new addition to the 5000 year old Neolithic monument) to the barn museum for a talk about  once the Badgers’ were split into two groups. One group went to the nearby Alexander Keiller museum; which illustrates the construction of the circle, the other staying in the barn to learn about rural life in Wiltshire at the time of the construction of Avebury. After a fair few minutes gathering information from these museums we swapped over. We then had lunch outside in the sunshine surrounded by lots of Australian tourists and the odd Pagan!

After lunch we wandered around the stones to take in the architectural beauty and atmosphere of Avebury that cannot be recreated from looking at pictures. Before long, it was time to go home and we headed reluctantly back to the coach. We all enjoyed out day out and I would like to thank Mrs Douglas for organising this fascinating trip.

By Oliver from Badgers

Badgers' Class Visit Avebury


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