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Badgers Visit to Llansteffan Hooke Court

Recently, the whole class including our teachers went on an exciting trip.

Everyone packed their cases, boarded the coach and we set off for Hooke Court

Speeding along the roads it didn’t take long to arrive in Wales.

Inside the house we quickly found our dormitories’ and chose our beds.

Down in the village we went searching for items on our list, in teams.

Everyone worked up an appetite as we were hungry for tea.  Pasta Bolognaise to feed our tummies.

Next, we set off for the castle walls; it was along climb to reach the castle.

The challenge was set by our instructor Chris; he put little orange cards with numbers and letters on them and put them in lots of different places around the castle.

It took us no time at all to complete our first words; the theme was seaside or castle.  We worked in pairs using the map to help us find our way around the castle.

All of the children enjoyed the activity and ad lots of fun.

Lastly it was time for hot chocolate and biscuit before going to bed.

Last night, everyone wanted to stay up for a midnight feast.  We all eventually went to sleep.

Luckily, we all got up in time for breakfast.

After fuelling up for the day we set off for the beach it was going to be a long walk.

Next we got a mini science lesson when Chris found a dead jellyfish.  He showed us some of the inside of the body parts. Yuck!

Starting on our way again we saw lots of rock pools some of us found beach creatures like sea snails.

There was great excitement when we realised some of the sand was sinking mud.  Libby was the first of many to fall over.

Eventually all 5 people who had fallen over had managed to make it to safety on the sand.

Finally we made it to the top of a steep incline we were rewarded with a drink and biscuit.

Finding our way back along the country lanes we found our way back to Hooke Court for lunch.

After lunch we went back to the beach to go rock pooling for the afternoon we saw lots of fishes but couldn’t catch them.

Next we collected wood ready for our evening campfire.  Alfie and I made a Motte & Bailey sandcastle.

Heading back for tea was next on the agenda.

Over a lovely tea of gammon, potato and cheese pie and peas we talked about our day on the beach.

Our free time was spent rehearsing for the talent show later that evening

Keeping our excitement contained we went to the beach and Chris started the campfire.

Everyone performed brilliantly and had lots of fun.

Coco and biscuits before bed, everyone went to sleep really quickly as we were all tired out after our long day.

Over breakfast, on our last day, we talked about the day’s activities.

Under the canopy of the forest, we all looked for the best place to make our shelter.  We were in teams of six and had to work together to make the last shelter

Ready for lunch, we were looking forward to eating after working hard all morning

Time to leave and return home to Monkton Park on the coach

By Cerys

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