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Foxes' Class visit the Wilts and Berks Canal

Last Friday, on the 20th June, Year 5, Foxes, visited the Pewsham Locks Site on a school trip.  We went to learn about canal life and the Victorians.  We left at 9.20am and we soon arrived at the path leading to the site.  We set off along the dusty pathway towards the Pewsham Locks.
When we arrived, we got into our 3 groups.  In my group, which was group 2, we were doing sawing.  Oliver and Taylor tried first and then Ben and I.  It was hard work, but once you got a rhythm going it was really good fun! 


Our next activity was story telling.  Mr Skelton, who had taught us before in school time, told us a story about a boy called Andros who dived into the canal and tried to save another boy.  Unfortunately he was too late but because of his bravery he got a medal for it.
After that it was lunch, I was starving and so was everyone else.  We all ate hungrily under a tree.  After lunch my group did clay puddling.  It was very messy and very sticky.  We all got really filthy.

Finally we headed back to the bus.  A tiring but fun day had come to an end.

Report by Matthew Williams


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