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Hares' Class visit STEAM

Yesterday, straight after the register, we set off on the coach to Steam, the train Museum in Swindon.  On the coach we sang World War two songs. Lucy and I were sitting next to each other.  We made a deal that on the way there I got to sit by the window and on the way back she got to.

When we got there a kind lady took us into a train.  We had to pretend we were being evacuated from the poor side of Bath.  The lady had a WVS badge which stands for Women’s Voluntary Service.  On the train the lady showed us what you would have taken in your suitcase, one of the things they had was teddies made by the children’s Mums and Dads.

When we got out of the train people had to choose us. I got chosen by Mia’s mum along with Maddy and another person.  I felt quite special being chosen, it means that if it was WW2 I would have been picked.


After that because we had half an hour of spare time we got to do all sorts of fun activities.  We got to go in the trains and one even had a bar in it.  We pretended we were ordering juice.  Some people found a place where you could make a puppet show.  When we were told to come to Miss Bates, the people inside the puppet show didn’t, they were having too much fun!

Yippee time for lunch, off we go to the lunch room.  The table I sat on was a girl table.  On it was Maddy, Megan, Lucy, Alice and me.  Alice and I both had sponge cake, my cake had jam in it, but I’m not sure what Alice had in hers.


After lunch we all set off to the bomb shelter.  When we heard the air raid siren go off, we all rushed into the shelter.  The lady had a badge that said ARP on it, which stands for Air Raid Protection.  We looked at things they might have done and we sang more war songs.  When we came out we noticed that there was an unexploded bomb right outside the door.  The lady chose some people to come up and make it safe.  She also showed us how big a Morrison shelter and an Anderson shelter would be.  They are quite small.  A Morrison shelter is like a table and an Anderson is like shed at the bottom of the garden.

It was such a busy day that some people fell asleep on the coach on the way back to school.

By Rose F



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