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Longleat Critters

On Wednesday 19th March Longleat rangers and some animals visited squirrels’ class.

The visit was part of our Rainforest topic. The first animal that we saw was a giant cockroach, from Madagascar, pleasing some children more than others. Next the children saw another insect, which was a millipede, Longleat Staff, surprised them with the fact that they had between 300-500 legs!!! Then Squirrels saw an Armadillo called Hansel. Kim, the Longleat ranger, told them that Hansel had a girlfriend called Gretel and they had a baby named Hattie but she is going to be sent to another Zoo. Hansel had a good run around the classroom.  He was definitely a favourite with us all.  Then we were in for a surprise with the next critter. 


It was a royal python called Hermione. Longteat let us hold her, she felt smooth and not slimy. Hermione was very heavy and quite scaly. Next the adventurous class saw a Tegu called Diego. When the class went up to stroke him most children thought he felt like Hama-Beads! All the class liked it when Diego stuck his tongue out. Last but not least was a Tarantula called Twinkle some people were more pleased than others such as Ellen and Jessica who were very brave and held Twinkle even though they don’t like spiders! Even the teachers were brave enough to hold her.  We all want a pet tarantula now!

We all had a fantastic time meeting the Rainforest creatures.  Thank you to Longleat for bringing them in.

Written by Ella and Fraser


Hansel the Armadillo

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