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Squirrels' visit to Ufton Court

On Tuesday 20th May Squirrels’ class went to Ufton Court for a Tudor themed day.  After an hours coach journey we finally arrived.  The first activity that we took part in was a ground tour with Amanda.  We learnt how the Tudors built ice houses to store fish and we also looked at a Tudor clock.  We also learnt all about how Ufton Court was built.

Next we took part in Tudor dancing, Tasha and Amanda, who were teachers from Ufton Court, showed us the steps.  First the boys had to ask the girls to dance with them.  Daniel chose me.  We learnt how the rich and poor Tudors would dance.  The rich dance was called the Pavane.  It was very different to dancing today it was more like stepping in time to the music.  It was fun.  After all the dancing it was time for lunch, some of us brought Tudor lunches Ella had a huge hunk of bread and Harrison had chicken legs.

After lunch we looked at different Tudor games and even tried to play some of them.  Then we went to look at the Tudor farm, there were pigs, goats and chickens.  The sheep were away getting sheared.  We were able to feed the pigs they were a little bit excited and managed to get into the goat’s pen.  Tasha then showed us how Tudor farmers grinded the flour to make bread.

Then it was time to get back on the coach for the journey back to school.

We all had a fantastic day and learnt so much about the Tudors.  Squirrels want to send a big thank you to Amanda and Tasha from Ufton Court.

Written by Ellen Sheppard


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