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Year 4 Visit Braeside

Day 1: Fun Trip

When the class were all packed and ready we hopped on the large coach and set off for a muddy adventure at Braeside. Firstly, we had some lunch then some free time. We could play table tennis, table football and lots more exciting activities, there is so much to do!   Soon it was time to start out first activities.  We were split into two groups and the first group tackled the low ropes course.  Our first challenge was to put on our safety helmets.  Then we went to get our first look at the low ropes course.  Lee, our instructor, told us all what we had to do.  Well it didn’t sound that difficult!  But then it all began the first challenge was to balance along the log them it was getting across the tyres. 

Some of us found it tricky, didn’t we Chloe?  But after some practise we were all able to move around the course a bit quicker.  Louie was amazing and had no problems moving around the course.  After a quick biscuit and juice break it was time to swap activities and the problem solving was our next challenge.  There were a range of challenges that needed us all to work as a team.  Chloe was great at giving instructions!  It was a busy first afternoon but it was not over yet.  After we had settled into our rooms and had eaten our yummy dinner we started our final challenge of the day, torchlight orienteering.  Now, that was an adventure finding letters in the dark and not to mention the mud!  We definitely deserved the hot chocolate and biscuits after that.

Day 2: A Muddy Adventure

First, we set off to go to Drew’s pond and nature reserve. After a long, muddy walk, we got to the nature reserve and created our own Andy Goldsworthy art using natural things from the area. Then, we went to find some woolly worms! We learned all about camouflage and how animals use the natural environment to stay safe from predators.  After lunch it was time to walk back to Braeside where we had a mini beast hunt. 

After some looking under logs and digging around in the mud we eventually found lots of gruesome critters. We brought them back into the house and used magnifying glasses to look at them more closely.  In the evening we had the technology challenge and it was a real challenge!  We all had fun and made some interesting structures but sadly none of them were able to hold the ball!  Never mind it was time for juice, chocolate fingers and a marshmallow.  Then off to bed we went for our last night’s sleep at Braeside.

Day 3: A Tiring Trek

On Friday the last day at Braeside, we went on a town trail and found out lots of interesting facts all about Devizes.  It was very cold and wet but we enjoyed learning all about the history of Devizes and even saw some Tudor houses.

We all had a fantastic 3 days even if we were exhausted by the end.  We want to thank Mrs Hughes, Mrs Dispain and Mr Barlow for making our Braeside trip fun and a big thank you to our Mums and Dads for washing our very muddy clothes.

Report written by Chloe and Jake.

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