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Hares and Squirrels At The Roman Baths

On 30th September we all arrived at school bright and early excited for our trip ahead of us! At last it was time for us to leave for the train. It took 5 – 10 minutes to get to the station. Then we waited for the train to arrive….finally the train arrived with a giant roar.  We all safely stepped away from the bright yellow line as we listened to our teacher talk clearly. Soon we climbed on board the smashing train. Mrs Hughes kindly reserved the comfy seats that we sat on. We also kept are reserve tickets.
After 10 or so minutes the train came to a stop. We climbed off the train into busy Bath and sensibly got into our groups before setting off to the baths. We walked over to our guide named David, he gave us some guide phones and told us to type 111 then the green button as we walked away. David told us not to touch the water even if we saw the grown- ups doing it. We walked to some statues and drew our favourite one on our worksheets. Then we saw the Roman bath and we even saw the steam come out of the bath.

 Next we went to the museum to discover lots of Roman artefacts and typed in more numbers to listen to the commentary on our guide phones.  We saw the Tepidarium, which is the warm room and the Caldarium, the hot room.  Then we were able to see the Hypocaust, under floor heating, that we had been learning about.  It was fantastic to actually see the amazing Roman inventions close up.
After lunch we had a teaching session with David.  We had three different activities which included dressing in togas, writing Latin and handling actual 2000 year old artefacts.  It was so exciting to be touching things that real life Romans had touched 2000 years ago!
Everyone enjoyed the fantastic day as we went on the train back to school.  Thank you to Mrs Hughes, Mrs Fawcitt and Mrs Lawrence for a super day.   

Written by Lucy and Alice.

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