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Fieldmice visit to Roves Farm

Our topic this term is The Farm. As part of our topic we visited Roves Farm to find out more about how a farm works and the animals that live on the farm. We had a great day stroking, holding and feeding the animals. Mrs P got to hold a piglet and it made so much noise we had to cover our ears.  We loved the tractor ride although Miss Wilson and Mrs Hulbert didn't love it as much as us because they got soaking wet.

What did the children think?

Alex E -  "The tractor ride was like a roller coaster. The tractor ride was bumpy." 


Trystan - "I fed the goats. I saw some eggs. I went on a tractor ride." 

Freya- "I liked it when Mrs P held the pig and I liked it when the pig was noisy. I liked it when I saw the acorns. We went on the soft play. We went on a tractor ride. We saw a bull. There were some cows." 

Ethan J -  "The pig was noisy. I went on the tractor. I stroked a rabbit." 

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