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Squirrels' Class Braeside Residential


The day had finally arrived and we were all packed and excited to be going on our residential trip to Braeside in Devizes.  After a short coach journey we had arrived.  Our first task was to find our suitcases and then walk along the driveway to store them in the stables.  We then ate our packed lunches before we had a chance to explore the Braeside grounds.  

Our instructor, Yousaf called us all together so that we could start our first activities.  We had to work in teams to solve the problems.  The problems ranged from climbing through a spider web, balancing on a wobbly table and crossing the minefield.  It was great fun!  After a quick break of juice and biscuits it was over to the low ropes course.  The course had different challenges, a climbing wall, cargo net, postman's walk, wobbly beam and a tyre swing.  After we had all practised each of the areas, it was time for a game of cat and mouse.  We had to move quickly around the course without falling off or getting caught!  It was really tricky but so exciting.

In the evening we had the excitement of torchlight orienteering, I'm not sure the wildlife enjoyed hearing our screams but we had a fantastic time.  



Thursday morning brought our very own expedition to Roundway.  We set off in the morning all bright and full of energy.  By the time we stopped for our first break some of us were starting to feel tired but a biscuit soon gave us energy to reach the top of Roundway.  After a long and very muddy trek through the woods we made our lunch stop.  Sandwiches never tasted so good!  Then it was time to for the main part of our walk, the descent of Roundway.  This was made even more fun by being able to shuffle down on our bottoms!  Then in the distance we could see Braeside house and we all stepped up the pace to make it back in time for dinner.  


On Friday morning, we all woke up feeling a little weary but the thought of shelter building and fire lighting made sure that we kept going. After a safety brief from Yousaf, we set about creating our shelters.  Each shelter was unique in its design but they were all successful.  A great job of teamwork.  Then it was time for fire lighting, we watched Yousaf explaining how to start a fire then it was our turn.  We practised using the flint and steel to get a spark then it was time to light the fire.  It took a bit of practise but soon the fires were burning and then we had to make sure that we kept them burning especially if we wanted to toast our marshmallows!  Yummy!

It was a fabulous 3 days and everyone was ready for the journey home and looking forward to settling on the sofa.  We weren't so sure our parents were looking forward to the muddy washing!

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