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Fortius Primary PE Conference

On Friday 20th November 2015 Mrs Douglas attended the Fortius Primary PE Conference . The day was opened by 3 keynote speakers: Mr Justin Tomlinson – Under Secretary of State for Disabled People and MP for N. Swindon and Ronnie Heath; managing director of Create Development. Both speakers shared their vision for ensuring all children enjoy healthy and active lifestyles and recognised the achievements and impact of the Primary School Sport Funding. Sarah Moon, the TeamGB gymnastics coach, also spoke highlighting the how the principles we apply to learning in PE in our schools continues at an elite level.
The remainder of the day was spent in three workshops. The Big Debate: an interactive discussion with our panel of guest experts followed by an open floor Q&A; PE is for everyone: tackling everyday inclusion challenges and Prove It! evaluating progress and producing Ofsted ready reports.
The whole event provided excellent CPD opportunities which Mrs Douglas will be sharing with colleagues at Monkton Park and the Chippenham Sports Partnership.

Wiltshire Primary PE Conference

'Making Excellence Achievable'

Eileen Marchant, from the Association of PE, was the lead speaker at the Fortius PE conference this year delivering the national update on PE and School Sport. In particular she focused on the Primary PE and School Sport Premium money allocated to each school every year. The vision for this initiative is that all pupils leaving primary school should be physically literate and have the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. She outlined the impact so far and gave further suggestions for improvement.

The rest of the day was spent in workshops including Ofsted - an insider's guide and a Youth Sports Trust session on assessment. Once again this was a very valuable day with many opportunities for subject leader development

Subject Leader Training 19th September 2014

Mrs Douglas attended the first of 3 days training for the Real PE programme. This initial day was for subject leaders to examine and familiarise themselves with the materials and schemes of work. The day involved a balance of practical activities alongside how to use the materials for lesson planning and progression. She returned with resources for each year group ready for the staff training day in February when all teachers will receive training from Create Development.

Wiltshire Primary PE Conference 27th February 2014 attended by Mrs Douglas

It was inspiring to hear Baroness Sue Campbell speak and to listen directly to OFSTED inspectorate.

The message from the Youth Sports Trust and Ofsted regarding the £9000 a year investment in primary PE focuses is that success should be measured by how much you have changed or improved the way your school approaches PE.  They highlighted that healthy children are better learners and that PE impacts on the whole curriculum.

Baroness Campbell spoke passionately about the fact that primaries need to have an impact on "physical literacy", childhood obesity and to make a difference now.

Schools have never been in such a fortunate position with funding extended to 2020 - PE subject leaders need to invest this money wisely and sustainably.

OFSTED spoke about looking at school websites to gauge how a school was having an impact and that future inspections will include PE.

With regard to Physical Literacy -

Physical Literacy is as important a skill as Reading, Writing and Maths.  When a child is learning to read they first learn words such as cat, sat, mat.  Similarly as a child learns physical skills they learn skills such as how to run, jump, throw and balance.  Children then string words together into sentences and read them.  In the same way, physical skills are linked together to create movement phrases in order to perform activities such as riding a bike, swimming or performing the long jump. As children become more confident and experienced in these skills they are able to use those skills in different environments, across wide-ranging sports.  These children will develop into adults who have the necessary skills to participate and enjoy sport and physical activity throughout life at whatever level they chose, whether recreationally or competitively.

Importantly, these fundamental skills need to be learned and developed from an early age in order 'hook them onto sport for life'.  Parents, teachers, coaches and young leaders all have a part to play in this important physical literacy journey.

This was a fantastic opportunity to meet and discuss the future of PE in our school with inspirational and informed experts. One video in particular summed up the importance of this investment.

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