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Parent Questionnaire 2015

Thank you to everyone you completed our recent questionnaire. We had 156 responses and we are pleased that the results are overwhelmingly very positive, with most people agreeing or strongly agreeing that they are happy with the school. 155 respondents would recommend the school to others.

The full results are given below.

Whilst we are pleased with the response we do want to improve, so we are making a number of changes.

We do want to give parents more information about, for example, events that are happening in school, how to support children’s learning, how the school deals with bullying and the role of Governors. More information will be posted on the school website and we will put hyperlinks in the school newsletter and in school e-mails which will  link to the relevant pages.

I would also like to thank everyone for their written comments. We had lots of individual positive comments and some very welcome suggestions of ways that we can make the school even better.

I have included some that sum up the responses:

“Number 1 school by far! Very polite staff and always there to help with issues inside and outside school. Many Thanks.”

“My older child has just started in Year 7 at Secondary School and has settled in really well to the different expectations etc. that he faces. It is a credit to the ethos, teachers and work standards that have been developed and encouraged over his primary school life at Monkton Park School. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.”

“Monkton Park is fantastic and my child is very happy. Thank you.”

However we always want to improve things for the children in school. We note that 31% of parents said that they didn’t know if the school effectively dealt with bullying, although one respondent did add that they… “answered don’t know re bullying as thankfully, we have had no experience of bullying at Monkton Park. I am confident that the school would deal with it appropriately if it did occur”

Whilst our anti bullying policy is available in the documents section of the website, the fact that a high proportion of parents are unsure about it, suggests that we need to be more proactive in explaining what we do.  We will make this information clearer on our website in future.

Some parents wanted more information and more involvement in school particularly in FS2 and KS1.

We are planning more activities to which parents will be invited and it was great to see so many parents of Foundation Stage children joining in with the Easter Egg Hunt before the Easter holidays.

We are aware that we have lost opportunities for parents to come into school to join in with Parent Lunches.  Parents used to have lunch with the children then go and see their classrooms and their work and then spend time on the playground. With the advent of universal free school meals for children in Key Stage 1 it has proved impractical to organise these this year. We are aware that we have lost something as a result. During the summer term we will therefore be inviting parents into school, class by class, to join in with picnic lunches outside.  This will be one way of seeing the school in action during the day.

With the changes in the National Curriculum we are also aware that we need to provide parents with information about expectations, assessment and how best to support children at home. Again, we will endeavour to keep you abreast of changes as they are implemented.  We will continue to consider ways of involving parents in their children’s education as we appreciate that successful partnerships ensure good outcomes for children.


For myself I would like to say that it is a privilege working at Monkton Park, with such a strong team, great children and supportive parents and I would like to thank you once again for taking the time and trouble to complete the questionnaire.

John Barlow


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