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Chippenham Schools Partnership Rugby Festival

Last Friday, some pupils in years 5 and 6 took part in the annual Chippenham schools partnership rugby festival. It was a fabulous opportunity for the children to showcase all that they have previously learned in our tag rugby units. Both teams did incredibly well but a huge congratulations must be given to the blue team who were undefeated going into the finals. Pool 1 consisted of 7 fantastic teams. Monkton Park Blues started the festival against St Mary's school, who they beat by a staggering 7 tries to 0. Next up was St Peters, who were tough competition. The game was even throughout and strong, agile players made it hard for our children to tackle or skillfully dodge. The game finished as a 4-4 draw and reminded our children of how tough the competition would be. Next was Kings lodge, who had some super speedy players with great agility. The game ended 7-2. Our 4th game was against Langley Fitz 2, who again made it tough for some of our players. Nerves began to settle and some children began to make slight errors such as forward passing but the game resulted in another win, 5-1. One of the tightest games of the day was against Queen's Crescent 2, who were

a like-for-like team. Both teams had some brilliant, quick attackers making it hard for both teams to defend. The game finished 5-4. The group stage came down to the wire, where Derry Hill 1, were also unbeaten. Unlike Monkon Park's Blues who had drawn a game, Derry Hill had won all their games. For much of the game, you couldn't tell either team apart. The game was end to end and the game essentially finished with who could pinch the final try before the whistle. It was an extremely nerve-wracking day but each and every child represented the school, themselves, and the Monkton Park community well. They demonstrated all the key values Monkton Park promotes and maintained great mindsets throughout. Monkton Park Blues finished the day 2nd, losing out to a phenomenal Queens Crescent 1st who were just unstoppable. Congratulations to all.


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