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School Uniform

Parents are asked to promote the wearing of sensible, comfortable school clothes. The school colours are red and grey with a mole logo.

Our logo uniform can be purchased locally from Scholars in Chippenham town. This is not mandatory and plain uniform can be worn instead. These can be purchased from a number of retailers including supermarkets and high street retailers. You can also get our uniform from second hand retailers locally such as the Chippenham Uniform Exchange. 

We do not accept extremes of fashion or hairstyle. 

Pupils must not wear any jewellery to school which might endanger themselves or others. Pupils having pierced ears may wear a pair of plain gold stud earrings only, and these must be removed or covered for PE and swimming lessons.

If you feel you need assistance with the purchase of school uniform, there are funds available from the Chippenham Borough Lands Charity.  Please speak to the school office staff who will be able to help you.

Winter Uniform

Red sweatshirt or jumper or cardigan
White Polo shirt
Grey trousers, grey skirt or grey pinafore
Suitable black shoes or trainers with no white sport markings


Summer Uniform

Red sweatshirt or jumper or cardigan
Grey trousers, grey skirt, grey pinafore or grey shorts
White polo shirt
Red and white gingham dress
Suitable black shoes or trainers with no white sport markings

Real gym.jpg

Indoor PE Kit

Black shorts
White T-shirt
Black Daps (for mulitskills and games. Bare feet for gym and dance)


Outdoor PE Kit

Jogging Bottoms
Jumper (Not School Sweatshirt)


Children will be informed if they require any additional kit eg Shin Pad, Gum Shields etc

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