“When taught well, physical education enthuses and inspires pupils to participate fully and develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and exercise.”
(Beyond 2012)


At Monkton Park Primary School, we strive to create a culture that inspires our children to be active, enjoy PE, encourage others and achieve. We provide a broad and balanced PE curriculum that develops the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. We follow the values-based approach of Create Development to develop the positive behaviours (cogs), physical skills and knowledge of our children. Through this approach, every child will feel valued, included, challenged and supported and learn in a safe environment which is essential for their physical, emotional, social and moral development. We aim to ensure children experience highly active PE sessions to develop an enjoyment and love for physical activity, whilst also encouraging a healthy lifestyle that they will carry with them through their lives. We include regular opportunities for all children to be involved in competition – against themselves (Personal Best) and others. We also ensure children receive a knowledge rich, sequenced, sport-specific curriculum delivered by highly qualified coaches as part of our teacher -mentoring programme.

We also develop pupils’ leadership skills through the Real Leader programme giving opportunities for pupils to organise activity sessions for KS1 and take on wider roles including Library Leaders, Lunch Leaders and Computing Leaders.


We use Real PE, Real Gym, Real Dance and Real Foundations to develop sound fundamental movement skills alongside multi-abilities such as personal and social to enable children to apply these to any game or activity. These programmes ensure fundamental movement skills are developed progressively and use clear steps of progression at every level.  Teachers use interactive resources to support the learning.

There are curriculum maps which set out when Real PE units are covered, and which sports are introduced.  Sports are taught during their season so that they can directly link to clubs and competitive opportunities. Sports specific lessons with coaches use the Real PE approach and language and encourage children to apply the skills in a range of activities, including but not exclusively tag rugby, netball, Quicksticks hockey, cricket, athletics, and health & fitness.

We provide opportunities for children to learn how to stay safe by providing swimming lessons in Year 4 focusing on how to keep safe whilst also meeting the National Curriculum requirements of swimming 25m by the end of Year 6. The children develop their swimming and water safety skills through a block of swimming lessons at the Olympiad Centre. These lessons are planned and taught by trained swimming instructors who provide targets for each of the ability groups.

Throughout Key Stage 2, outdoor adventurous activity (OAA) opportunities are provided through residential trips, outdoor learning lessons, Forest School and our lunchtime OPAL programme

Our membership of the Chippenham Sports Partnership ensures that pupils from FS to Y6 take part in a range of competitive and non-competitive festivals, leadership days and School Games competitions.


Our aim is for children to meet the age-appropriate expectations of the National Curriculum and make good progress from their starting points. It is hoped that the Physical Education curriculum will also instil a lifelong love of physical activity. Whilst developing children’s physical skills, our curriculum will also develop and promote the children’s social, personal, creative, cognitive development alongside an understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Assessment of skills, identified within the P.E. National Curriculum, is carried out lesson by lesson. Create Development’s Real PE programmes have clear success criteria for each lesson enabling staff to identify skills acquired and adapt future lessons to build on those skills. The framework also allows for termly assessment of the children’s physical multi-ability cogs. Children are encouraged to peer assess, offering sensitive feedback to aid further development during each lesson. Teachers use the Create Development online assessment wheel to record their judgements.

These judgements will be quality assured by subject leaders using first-hand evidence of how pupils are doing, drawing together evidence from lesson observations, evidence through photographs and pupil voice to monitor ongoing progress.

Real PE

Real PE  Initiative - Giving all children the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life.

The ‘Real PE’ programme provides fun and simple to follow Schemes of Work and support for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 practitioners that give them the confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE. It is fully aligned to the new National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique and market leading approach to teaching and learning in PE.

Real gym.jpg

Real Gym

The Real Gym programme enables EVERY child to stretch themselves. It is a totally holistic approach that makes gym relevant, meaningful and challenging for EVERY child.

Real gym explodes the myths around gymnastic skills and progressions, making it simple and easy to implement. It reframes views of gymnastics and challenges existing stereotypes to build on knowledge to deliver outstanding gymnastics lessons with confidence and creativity.

Real Play

Real play is a captivating programme which supports families through the power of play.

We invite all families to take part in Real Play during each child's reception year at Monkton Park School

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Real Leaders

Real leaders enables schools to deliver leadership programmes in school that support the development of Leadership Fundamentals in a fun and engaging way, through simple and clear learning journeys.

Real leaders supports both teachers and pupils in Year 5/6 to understand what great leadership looks, sounds and feels like.